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Learn more about our API integration options and check out our developer documentation to see just how how easy it is to embed insurance in to your service offering.


These FAQS address the most common questions we receive form developers looking to integrate our embedded insurance offering. Still have questions? Reach out to our team.

What type of embedded insurances services are available?

Duuo by Co-operators provides quote, payment, policy underwriting & bind services that can be embedded within your applications.

What type of integrations are available?

Duuo by Co-operators provides integration through UI widgets and APIs. While an API-based integration will require development on your side, it provides a seamless client journey and provides you with the flexibility to build the customer journey to meet your needs. UI Widgets are easy to set up and require very little development.

Do you have documentation on embedded insurance?

As part of the onboarding, you will receive access to the Duuo by Co-operators Developer portal containing documentation on the integration (API reference) with sample payloads for testing the APIs.

What type of security is available in Duuo by Co-operators?

As part of the API security best practices, Duuo by Co-operators performs security vulnerability assessments. The Duuo by Co-operators APIs are encrypted using a TLS1.2 connection, and API traffic is restricted to partner’s IP whitelisting only. Duuo by Co-operators RESTful API is using JSON Web Token OAuth2.0.

How does the partnership process work with Duuo by Co-operators?

Once you’ve filled in our form and have been in contact with our partnership team, you’ll receive access credentials for your APIs. Then, out-of-the-box APIs will be customized for your business, featuring calls to get a quote, create a quote binding, and issue a policy. From there, Duuo by Co-operators will perform full connectivity test, load test, and performance test. After that, you’re ready to go live! You’ll be able to monitor policies sold and commission earned through Duuo by Co-operators partnership portal.

What type of testing will be done by Duuo by Co-operators?

Duuo by Co-operators provides connectivity tests, end-to-end tests, load testing and performance testing.

What type of environments are available with Duuo by Co-operators?

Duuo by Co-operators provides a staging environment and production environment for testing purposes.

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